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Brenda Goodwin
Missouri State Univ
Springfield, MO

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2015 Dances

2014 Dances

  • December (I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas Dance)
  • November (Shake It Off! Dance)
  • October (Hip/Hop and Step with Young Mozart)
  • September (The Happy Dance)
  • April (Drumming for Fitness and Learning)
  • March (Differentiated Learning and Dance)
  • February (The Lacrosse Dance)

2013 Dances

2012 Dances

  • December (Performing Locomotor skills with the Christmas Macarena)
  • November (Using Rhythm to Teach Patterns and Directions)
  • October (Celebrating Halloween with the Purple People Eaters)
  • April/May (Dancing in 3's)
  • March (Bleacher Dance – Adding to School Spirit)
  • Febuary (Fanga: A Cultural Experience for Everyone!)
  • January (Firework Dance)

2011 Dances

2010 Dances

  • February (Basic Waltz Steps)
  • March (Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Dance)
  • April (Jarabe Tapatio (Mexican Hat Dance)
  • May (Celebrate with an All-School Multicultural Maypole Dance)
  • September (Michael Jackson's Beat It Dance)
  • October (“Get Ready to Bounce” Dance)
  • November ("Peanut Butter Jelly Time is Exercise Time!")
  • December (Jingle Bell Dance With the Crazy Frogs)

2009 Dances

  • January (Movin’, Groovin’ and Gettin’ Strong)
  • February (Dancing on Different Levels)
  • March (Stepping to Your Own Rhythm)
  • April (Great Balls of Fire – I Got Locomotor Skills)
  • May (Swing Dance Combinations)
  • September (Israeli Folk Dance)
  • October (Celebrate Oktoberfest with the Polka)
  • November (Celebrating Native American Heritage Month with Dance)
  • December (Tinikling - Philippine Bamboo Dance)

2008 Dances

Featured Dance Videos

Team Building and Rhythms Dance

March Madness Dance

5,6,7,8 Line Dance

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